Sky Fire Services LLC, based in Colorado, is committed to capturing the aerial imagery you need in a cost effective and safe manner using Unmanned Aircraft. We meet all of the FAA regulatory requirements for commercial Unmanned Aircraft operations in the USA, including: FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot, FAA Part 333 Exemption #14769. We carry full liability insurance for unmanned flight operations.

Sky Fire Services has experience in a number of areas, and the videos and photos you see below are actual work products. Flown and processed with Sky Fire Services pilots, aircraft (multi-rotor & fixed-wing), and our post-processing tools.

Let Sky Fire Services free your imaging needs from the binds of gravity!

Residential & Commercial Aerial Photography

Enhance your real estate story with aerial imagery. Sky Fire has experience at capturing quality imagery and weaving the unique aerial perspective into that story. Separate yourself from the competition.

Aerial Inspection Services

Unmanned Aircraft are the perfect tool for reaching difficult or dangerous locations. High definition video and photos can be captured quickly and efficiently. Sky Fire Services also has FLIR capability for thermal analysis.

Aerial Survey

Aerial mapping of a variety of assets are enhanced using Unmanned Aircraft. Low cost, high precision, and the ability to capture these images in many places that full-scale aircraft simply cannot fly. Sky Fire Services provides image capture from 12 to 28 megapixels, rendering high resolution orthophotos, DEMs, 3D models, etc. We fly multi-rotor and fixed-wing aircraft: letting the mission dictate the right equipment. Customers can access their imagery through an easy-to-use web interface that includes tools for comprehensive analysis. Or download finished image products for use in their own tools. **Sky Fire Services is not a licensed Surveyor**

FAA Authorized for Unmanned Flight Operations
    Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate
    Part 333 Exemption No. 14769
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